Family Events

                       Grandparents' Day

Grandparents play an important role in our families. On September 26th we honored them at West Whittier. Grandparents visited our classrooms and participated in a fun classroom activity with their grandchild. These pictures illustrate the happiness they brought to our school.    

                 Family Bingo Night

We are dedicated to providing a variety of events to bring families together and create lasting memories. Families filled our cafeteria on a Friday night to play Bingo. The night began with dinner and a performance by our Reach for the Stars Choir. Our PTO sponsored dinner by selling tamales, churros, and other yummy foods. It was wonderful to see so many families having a great time.

             Author Celebrations

Our students are published authors! Our staff and students were so proud of their work, they were eager to share it. During author celebrations, families visited classrooms to hear students share their informational books.  Students proudly shared their writing pieces with West Whittier families. 

                    Trick or Treating

What do children love about Halloween? Dressing up and getting candy! On Halloween, West Whittier students participated in a school wide trick or treating event. Thank you to all West Whittier families for donating candy and volunteering for this great event.  It was a fun day for all!

             Thanks to Parents Event

We are truly appreciative of West Whittier Parents and recognize the important role they play in our students' success. Parents are teachers too. In November, we gave thanks to parents by hosting a small breakfast and designing special classroom activities. Parents participated in a variety of activities with their children. 

  Family Math and Science Game Night

West Whittier families gathered to conduct science experiments with their children as well as learn fun math games that support the Common Core State Standards.  It was a fun evening for all!